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ProPay offers several ways to integrate your software solutions for secure credit card payment processing, tokenization, storage and more.

ProPay Merchant Services API (XML)

ProtectPay® API (REST, SOAP)


Mobile App

ProPay API (XML)

  • Instantly board user for a ProPay Merchant Account
  • Pay commission/disburse funds to ProPay accounts for global funding
  • Authorize, capture and refund payment methods
  • ACH/e-Check processing
  • Allow customers to use ProPay funds for partial or full purchase (SpendBack®)
  • Split/fund transactions between two ProPay accounts (SplitPay®)
  • Process in multiple currencies

ProtectPay API (REST, SOAP)

  • Tokenize card and e-check data to more easily comply with PCI DSS requirements
  • Add new payers and payment methods
  • Store tokens for future billing
  • Authorize, capture, credit and refund payment
  • Process SplitPay® transactions
  • Submit encrypted track data from approved readers for processing
  • Enable the processing of transactions through multiple gateways and payment processor providers including: ProPay, ProPay Canada, PayVision,, PayflowPro, CyberSource, Orbital/Paymentech and others
  • Process transactions in multiple currencies

Tokenizing the Data

Rather than collecting the payment data directly and tokenizing it, you can use the ProPay Payer Management Interface (PMI) to collect and tokenize the data without data traversing your systems--further keeping your company out of PCI DSS scope.


Mobile App

  • Retrieve data from a ProPay encrypting reader and submit it to ProPay for processing
  • Use ProPay’s merchant application for you and your sub-users, or develop your own app

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