Splitting transactions is easy

SplitPay integrates into your SaaS platform, e-commerce website or back office software enabling you to instantly recognize payments for internet sales and other transactions. SplitPay facilitates split transaction proceeds between merchants, affiliates, consultants, partners, distributors and your entity, depositing transactions directly to the appropriate ProPay accounts.


Distributor Websites

Rather than waiting weeks to receive the proceeds for internet orders, integrating SplitPay into distributor's websites enables commission payments in real-time. Because there is no time delay between the transaction and the reward for that transaction, distributors are more likely to sign up for a distributor website and promote it to customers. They're open for business 24/7 which means you are too.

Paid in Real Time

By integrating SplitPay, Direct Selling Companies, SaaS Platform, Software Provider and merchants, affiliates, consultants, partners and distributors benefit because you're both paid in quickly at the time of the transaction. No need to cut expensive checks, wait for commission runs or direct deposits. We all want to get paid faster and SplitPay can help.

Customize SplitPay

Because SplitPay is integrated into the existing payment system, a business owner can customize exactly how SplitPay works in order to meet the organization's specific needs. You'll also enjoy the flexibility that SplitPay offers to disburse funds to multiple parties or accounts.

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