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Sellers Choice Awards Reveal Top Rated Online Payment Services

Online merchants had plenty to say about the services they use to process payments on marketplaces and storefronts as part of the 2013 Sellers Choice Awards in which over 3,000 EcommerceBytes readers participated. The top four most popular services received very close overall ratings: ProPay (6.6) . . .

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ProPay in Greensheet

Expert Advice on data security defense and planning. When it comes to data security, ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs) have little choice but to prepare for the worst and hope for the best - just like any other business that handles third-party personal information. But acquiring businesses have more at stake than most when it comes to compromised data. A payment business can be hurt not only by thefts from its own system but also by thefts from customers and third-party service providers.

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ProPay In Transaction World Magazine

In an era of rapid technological advancement and significant change in business paradigms, it becomes increasingly important to understand the companies with whom one does business. This is particularly true for merchants, and micro-merchants, as more and more service providers enter the market.

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ProPay in Direct Selling Education Foundation

A ProPay® Merchant Account is the simplest, most secure way to grow your business. ProPay offers 7 easy ways to accept card payments–online or offline. Rates are very competitive for swipe and keyed transactions. ProPay offers live, toll-free customer support. This prize gives you a 12-month ProPay Merchant Account.

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ProPay in has released their review of ProPay, and the news is very good for the merchant services company. The rating is based off of the major categories that impact businesses the most.

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