20.02 - February 24, 2020
20.01 - January 22, 2020
Merchant Portal Enhancements to improve performance and page tracking
  • Web Layer – Update all new outward facing pages, allowed by the robots.txt file,  with more user friendly URLs/URIs to make it easier for search engine spiders to find pages for better ranking, to be able to easier create a site map, and to make it easier to link to pages.
General ledger bank account option added to Gross Settle Account Type in Insider
  • Previously only C or S are listed as options under GrossSettleAccountType under Gross Billing Info in the account boarding and account edit methods (checking or savings)
  • “General ledger” account is added as an additional option in this dropdown menu.
ProtectPay API SplitPay Reversals
  • Previously partners can pass the MPID in an initialize call of a SplitPay transaction, but they cannot do the same to reverse these transactions.
  • The ability to reverse these transactions the same way has been added.
POS Data Code Fix for Mobil API Manual Transactions
  • Mobile API Manual Transactions will be considered as Keyed-in transactions from the mobile app.
Vital POS
  • Integration to Vital Onboarding API (iMobile3)
  • Integration to Vital CreateRegister API (iMobile3)
  • Preliminary work to be able to send Vital sub items to TPG for fulfillment (non-card terminal items like scanners, receipt printers, etc.)
  • Create Vital subdomain on merchant-portals.com; minor edits to Vital while-labeled theme
  • ​Add EffectiveEntryDate and TraceNumber to Comprehensive Transaction Detail Report (CTDR)
2019 MetaBank Audits
  • Updated EFT agreement on ePay.com
  • Added updated CHA on ePay.com
  • Deleted old EFT agreement on ProPay.com