Utilites Payment Facilitator model

Designed with the needs of your utility company clients in mind, ProFac Express℠ by ProPay® enables SaaS technology platforms to process payments on behalf of utilities with a single MSA for states that have the payee agent authority exemption and for states they can get clearance on. Much more than a simple payment gateway, ProFac Express provides all the standard payment processing you’d expect, along with instant onboarding of the client sub-merchants, convenience fees, tokenization for recurring billing and an understanding of the unique requirements of utilities.

Options for payment setup

SaaS platforms accepting payments on behalf of their utility clients may be able to keep their existing payment acceptance model in place with ProPay. The ProFac solution is a fantastic alternative as well for companies with this setup.

Low liability to full liability options available

If your clients have granted you agency authority to act on their behalf, contact us. We may be able to support your needs.

Instant online onboarding and underwriting

Get your customers up and running taking payments in minutes vs. days or weeks.

 Flexible settlement and disbursements 

Split payments and settlement options plus accounting and merchant funding

Payment solutions

API Integration, mobile payment options, virtual ter­minal, email invoice, etc.

Point-to-point tokenization and fraud protection

Time-tested PCI compliant payment security with ProtectPay® and fraud prevention and protection with Guardian CyberShield℠ powered by ThreatMetrix®

In-house data storage with ProtectPay 

Securely store card information to process real-time and recurring transactions such as utility payments

Automatically update closed or expired credit cards with EnsureBill℠

Reduce declined transactions, authorization fees and customer service costs

ProFac Express Options for
Enabling SaaS Technology Platforms


Low risk/no registration, co-branded and ProPay does the heavy lifting

  • Designed for SaaS and software providers needing instant boarding, flexible underwriting and split payment capabilities
  • Low liability program
  • Registration is not required
  • Instant onboarding process
  • Underwriting performed fully by ProPay, flexible parameters for “auto-approval”
  • Funding is always to the sub-merchant
  • Co-branded landing page using our short form application
  • Merchants log in and use ProPay’s systems for reporting and access tobilling information
  • Customer service for merchant services issues are handled by ProPay

ProFac Silver

No registration; Partner or ProPay manage risk, underwriting, AML, OFAC and take liability; flexibility on app and branding

  • Designed for SaaS and software providers needing referral capabilities plus flexibility in the application, branding and underwriting processes
  • Registration not required
  • No transactional liability for the ProFac
  • Utilize ProPay’s T&Cs embedded
  • Merchants can use ProPay’s system for reporting and online access, or this can be provided by the vendor
  • Customer service is a combined effort between parties
  • Underwriting performed fully by ProPay; can explore hybrid approach where existing relationships exist (DDAs, legal, etc.) to expedite KYC, OFAC and regulatory requirements

ProFac Gold

Full-scale registered payment facilitator — 100% risk with acquiring bank partner

  • Designed for providers and companies looking to leverage ProPay’s platform and services to fully operate as a registered Facilitator
  • Full liability at Facilitator level
  • Registration required
  • Short form application in Facilitator environment, integrated T&Cs
  • API available for boarding of merchants
  • Underwriting can be performed by ProPay, or Facilitator can design underwriting program for approval by ProPay
  • Risk management performed by Facilitator, or may be outsourced to ProPay, with either option requiring agreed-upon parameters that meet OFAC, KYC and other regulations or requirements of bank or brands
  • PCI Compliant and validated or utilize ProtectPay
  • All support and service provided by Facilitator to sub-merchant
  • Funding schedule to be determined by Facilitator (system supports funding the Facilitator or sub-merchant)