Okay.  I need to sign up new merchants.  How do I get started?

ProPay signups occur in real-time, and any merchant account you create is immediately able to process transactions.  Read below to learn about options available to you, and the Pros and Cons associated with each.
Host the signup experience, and use the ProPay API to board new merchants
Partners who wish to collect data about new merchants on their own portal and pass it to ProPay can do so using our boarding API.  This method allows for the greatest flexibility, but represents the greatest technical challenge.

ProPay's Risk team may require partners who use our API to gather more data about each new merchant than even our own website does.  Additionally, partners will likely be asked to lock down signups behind a login, or otherwise demonstrate an ability to prevent persons unknown to the partner from signing up.

Click  here  to learn more about signups via API
Let ProPay host the signup experience. Ask my users to provide their account number
ProPay's website can be customized to look like your own.  Feel free to use it to sign up new merchants, but remember that before you process for them, you will need to ask them for their ProPay account number.

Click  here  to learn more about signups via the ProPay website
Let ProPay host the signup experience. Get account details using a web-hook
If you use ProPay's website for boarding, you an elect to receive a "web-hook' whenever a new merchant has signed up.

Click  here  to learn more about web-hook boarding.