Keep it simple.

Provide simple loan payment processing to your customers, all branded to support your financial institution. You’ll be up and running quickly with full turnkey solutions and real-time integration options.

Available Services

  • Convenience fee pricing--no transaction fees to the institution
  • One-Click text message payments
  • A custom branded website
  • Instant online enrollment and underwriting
  • Mobile payment processing options--pay by text, pay by email
  • Online mortgage payments and car payments for your borrowers
  • Borrower account funding with any of the major card brands — Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®

Benefits for Lenders

Increase borrower convenience and improve on-time payments

Reduce the cost and effort associated with PCI DSS compliance

Integrate card payments with core systems

Enhance relationships with new and existing borrowers

Benefits for Borrowers

Eliminate the need to write and mail paper checks

Card payments allow borrowers to earn loyalty and reward points

Avoid fees associated with “Insufficient Funds"

Avoid cash advance fees

Control and track spending

Easy to use--doesn't require an app or username/password

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