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Transfer Funds to a Bank Account

Step 1

 Log into your ProPay account by going to Enter your e-mail address and password. Use the e-mail address you used to sign up for your ProPay account.

 Step 2

Once you have logged into your ProPay account, click on transfer funds to my checking account.

Step 3 

If you do not currently have a bank account on file, you will receive a screen prompting you to provide this information by clicking on the Add a Checking Account link.

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Step 4 

Enter your checking account information. All the information you need can be found on a check from that account. If you have questions click on the "What is this" links for more information. When you have entered your bank account information, click Submit.


NOTE: You only have to enter your checking account information one time. If you wish to transfer to another checking account, click on "My Account-->Edit My Profile-->Add/change checking account".

Step 5

If you already have a checking account on file, simply enter the transfer amount and click Submit.

Transfer Funds to my Checking Account part 2

Step 6

Confirm the transfer information. If everything is accurate, click Submit.

Step 7

You should immediately receive a confirmation that the transfer request was complete.

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