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ProPay Objectives

ProPay’s primary objective is to be the leading provider of simple, secure and affordable payment solutions. Since 1997, ProPay’s team has worked diligently to provide its clients with the highest level of services at the most affordable prices. To do this, the company has adopted a number of key objectives as a point of focus for all of ProPay’s products and services.

Enable Small Merchants with Real-Time Account Setup and Secure Solutions – With ProPay, most small merchants can set up an account online and accept credit cards the same day, all without buying special equipment or making long term commitments or investments. ProPay’s encrypted mobile card readers (ProPay JAK™ and ProPay FLASH) and ProtectPay Online enable small merchants to securely process payments.

Protect the Data – ProPay was one of the first companies to recognize the need to secure sensitive payment data from end-to-end through both encryption and tokenization. In early 2009, ProPay launched ProtectPay®, one of the first commercially available end-to-end payment security offerings.

Provide Flexibility in Data Protection – ProtectPay protects and tokenizes multiple data types including payment card data and ACH information. ProPay was one of the first companies to offer tokenization of ACH payment data. ProtectPay can also help companies protect data outside of the transaction processing stream. Settlement files and other reports that are necessary for reporting purposes often contain sensitive payment information that must be protected. ProtectPay’s flexible architecture allows for tokenization of information within those files.

Offer Alternate Payment Methods – ProPay's Payment Network offers secure end-to-end payment solutions that allow businesses to pay commissions quickly, often at significant savings, and split payments between multiple parties.

Industry Specific Solutions – ProPay recognizes that one payment solution does not fit all industries.  Experience working with companies in a variety of industries has allowed ProPay to develop specific solutions to meet the unique needs of these businesses.