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ProPay Professional Services

Regulatory Compliance Services Overview

Data security is not simply important to ProPay; it is a core competency of the organization. ProPay ensures that data security is a primary consideration of every product and service provided. ProPay possesses data security, regulatory compliance, and payment card compliance expertise that is unrivaled within the payment card industry. As a PCI DSS validated service provider for six straight years, ProPay has been at the forefront of data security and compliance. We strive to provide safer, simpler, and more affordable transactions to our clients. To support this goal, ProPay offers services designed to help clients secure their environment, minimize risk and ensure compliance with relevant regulatory compliance requirements

Professional Services

To help companies navigate the maze of regulatory compliance mandates, and data security issues, ProPay provides industry leading consulting services through ProPay Consulting. ProPay’s consultants possess unrivaled expertise in data security, risk, fraud, legal and regulatory issues, as well as payment card security mandates such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS).

Expertise is gained through relevant education and hands-on experience. ProPay’s consultants possess both, having worked worked with some of the largest and most complex banks, processors, merchants, and service providers in the world. Leveraging experience from a variety of industries including fuel service, retail, eCommerce, banking, direct selling, and others, ProPay’s consultants can help answer the most pressing security, risk, and regulatory compliance questions.

Research & Analysis

For those questions that do not require an onsite consultant, but need expert input, ProPay’s research experts can provide valuable, timely and actionable research and analysis. Whether the question is related to the impact of FACTA on a company’s business, the need for a privacy policy, Visa’s operating regulations, or the potential impact of newly passed state data protection laws on eCommerce business, ProPay can help. ProPay’s analysts include attorneys, privacy and security experts, and PhDs in public policy ready to answer the most difficult regulatory and compliance questions