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Mobile Solutions & Services

ProPay mobile payment solutions enable you to accept credit and debit cards anytime, anywhere

The time has come for mobile payments and ProPay is leading the way. ProPay provides a robust set of solutions that are flexible and enable merchants to accept credit card (and debit cards) payments in a simple, secure and affordable way. From secure mobile card readers to a mobile phone web interface to a regular phone, ProPay is sure to have a solution for you. And, with our mobile card reader options, you'll enjoy lower swipe rates! Below, you will find all the ways ProPay mobile solutions can help you accept credit cards.

ProPay JAKProPay JAK™ Mobile Card Reader

With the ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader, you can securely process credit cards in real-time on your Apple® iOS or Android™ device (Smartphone, Tablet PC, other). If you have a ProPay Account, all you have to do is download the ProPay Application, attach the reader, and go! Now, you can accept credit and debit cards anytime, anywhere you have data coverage. And the ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader is secure. Your customers’ payment card data is encrypted on its reader head (at swipe) ensuring your customers’ data is protected. Best of all, you'll enjoy lower competitive swipe rates (To view rates click the sign up button, then 'learn more'). Click here to learn more about ProPay JAK.

ProPay® App

ProPay Mobile Payment AppThe ProPay® App now includes the ability to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime you have data coverage. No need to log in to your ProPay Account on your PC. Simply log in to your ProPay Account via the ProPay App and process. It's like having a virtual terminal on your smartphone. The ProPay App is the same app used to accept credit cards using the ProPay JAK™ – the ProPay mobile card reader. To download the ProPay App, simply go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for “ProPay.” The ProPay App is Free!

ProPay® FLASH Card Reader

ProPay FLASH Card ReaderThe ProPay FLASH Card Reader allows mobile professionals to accept credit card payment information while away from the computer or to process payments in real-time if connected to an Internet-enabled computer and get instant authorization. FLASH encrypts the sensitive payment data from the moment of swipe. That means that card data is never stored in clear text, protecting both you and your customers from data theft. If you are away from your computer, you can still swipe cards and capture payment data securely. FLASH will store the payment information (up to 71 transactions) so that you can process payments when you get back to your computer. Once processed, the transactions are deleted from the device, but you can store the customer's card data in our secure database for future billing, if desired. And, you'll enjoy swipe rates as low as 1.99%! Click here to learn more about the ProPay FLASH Card Reader today.

ProPay Mobile Web Interface

MobileProPay Mobile enables your phone to accept credit or debit card payments anywhere your phone data plan takes you. You can access your ProPay Account from any smart phone with our optimized web browser interface. In addition to processing credit and debit cards you can also see your account summary including account balance, transactions in process, processing limit remaining and transfer funds to your bank account. To access this service, go to This service is free with your ProPay Merchant Account.

Phone Processing

ProPay also allows mobile professionals to process payments using their phones. With any touch tone phone, you can process card payments, check your account balance, transfer funds and edit your ProPay account information. Phone Processing is free with your Premium or higher ProPay Merchant Account.

For more information e-mail or call 888.227.9856.