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ProPay Directly Integrates Into JCB

ProPay is directly integrated into JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) for JPY (Japanese Yen) authorizations and settlements. ProPay’s integration into JCB provides merchants the following benefits:

  • ProPay Merchants can now accept and settle in JPY without needing to set up and manage a Japanese entity and Japanese bank account. This removes challenges, such as regulations, taxation and expatriation of funds, which setting up a foreign entity and Japanese Merchant Account create.
  • ProPay Merchants receive their merchant funds quickly (hours vs. weeks) because ProPay controls the settlement time.
  • ProPay Merchants have significantly lower interchange rates than the domestic Japanese interchange rates charged to those with a Japanese merchant account.
  • Merchant Underwriting and risk management is done in house by ProPay, making the process fast and easy.
  • ProPay provides very competitive rates.
  • Funds can be swept to a JPY bank account, in the US, Hong Kong, or Japan.

Already recognized as a leader in global payments, ProPay helps merchants ACCEPT payments in over 150 international currencies and settle in 24 currencies and MAKE payments in 24 local currencies to over 35 countries. ProPay’s JCB integration can greatly simplify JCB payments.

To learn more about ProPay's integration into JCB, call 888.227.9856.