Accept and Process Credit Cards with MasterMobile

MasterMobile makes it easy for your sale representatives to process swiped transactions on your corporate merchant account when they process their orders. You’ll save money on lower swiped transactions and they’ll save time. How?

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Controlled Processing with Built-In Flexibility

Your Sales Representatives can now securely upload credit card transactions to your corporate merchant account. The benefit—you’ll save money and they will save time. With ProPay JAK™ there’s no writing card numbers down (and no calling customers back on unreadable or incorrect information).

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Commission Payments

With ProPay Commission Payments, companies can pay earned commissions to a ProPay Payments Account. This method allows companies to recognize a significant savings over traditional, direct deposit or check-based commission payment systems. The funds can be accessed by consultants or sales agents through a company-branded Linked Prepaid MasterCard® card. This convenient, cost-effective approach allows companies to quickly pay Sales Representatives and allows them quick access to their funds.

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Online Order Processing

Orders can be securely placed on your company’s website. ProPay encrypts and stores the credit card information so only tokens are passed to your system using ProtectPay®, ProPay’s secure end-to-end encryption and tokenization service. 

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Swipe transactions with ProPay JAK™ save you time and money

ProPay JAK™ fits into the audio jack of iPhone and Android™ devices. Data is encrypted at swipe, keeping you safe from data theft and compromise. 

ProPay MasterMobile

Your Independent Sales Representatives will love the convenience of swiping credit cards and you’ll love the security and cost savings.

Why You'll Love MasterMobile


By using ProPay JAK™, the credit card data is encrypted at swipe ensuring the customer’s payment data is secure—no need to write down credit card information where it can be lost or stolen.

Lower Transaction Costs

When your Sales Representatives use ProPay JAK you get better “Card Present” rates which can greatly lower your costs.

More Parties

Quickly closing out one party and moving onto the next party means more time for more parties and more revenue.


ProPay Services can easily integrate into your current order entry system. It won’t disrupt the current user experience and can expedite payment to them which will help you to retain them.

Why Your Sales Reps Will Love MasterMobile


Using ProPay JAK, your Sales Representatives will appear more professional. They no longer need to write down credit card information or key in payment information.

Quicker Checkout at Parties

Your Sales Representatives will save time and money because they no longer have to write down payment information or re-key the data.

Ease & Efficiency

Using ProPay JAK reduces the potential for errors in writing down or keying in payment data which causes delays in order processing and payment.

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