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Process credit cards anytime, anywhere. Our ProPay JAK™ mobile card reader is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. The ProPay FLASH device can process from your laptop or desktop.

ProPay EMV* Chip Card Reader

  • Accept EMV chip cards and swipe traditional cards
  • Connect the reader to your device via Bluetooth
  • Advanced encryption technology helps ensure secure and reliable processing
  • It is compatible with most smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS
  • Future enhancements to the ProPay EMV chip card reader will offer the ability to accept Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless card payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay
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EMV Reader

ProPay JAK™ mobile card reader

Securely process credit cards in real time on your Apple® iOS or Android™ device (smartphone and tablet).
  • Take advantage of lower swipe rates
  • Process credit cards and debit cards in real time
  • Capture your customers’ signatures at the point of sale
  • Store encrypted card data securely for later processing or future billing
  • Send email receipts, calculate tips and/or tax
  • Sensitive payment data is encrypted upon swipe, minimizing risk and helping protect vulnerable customer data

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The ProPay App

Much like our Online Virtual Terminal, the ProPay App enables you to accept credit and debit card payments in real time anytime, anywhere you have data coverage. You can even accept payments when you don't have data coverage. You can also:
  • Send text message invoices
  • Send email invoices
  • Store customer’s cards on file for repeat purchases
  • Transfer funds between ProPay accounts (ProPay to ProPay transfers)
  • Conveniently login into the app using the biometric (fingerprint scan or Touch ID) login capability
  • Manage your account
  • Use with the ProPay JAK™ mobile card reader to process cards
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*iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Android and Google play are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

ProPay FLASH Card Reader

Need to accept credit card payments on your PC or Laptop? With the ProPay FLASH mobile card reader, simply connect to an internet-enabled computer and process payments. You'll also enjoy lower swipe rates.
If you don't have internet access the ProPay FLASH mobile card reader can store up to 71 transactions for processing when you get back to your computer and have Internet access.  All sensitive payment data is encrypted from the moment of swipe. Your customers’ data is protected through the entire process.
Once processed, the transactions delete from the device. However, you can store the customer's card data in our secure database for future billing.

To get the ProPay FLASH, login to your ProPay Account and select Additional Products.

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*EMV is a registered trademark or trademark of EMVCo LLC in the United States and other countries.