Whatever your pain point, we can help.

Need complex payment solutions to pay out commissions to your independent sales reps? Is fraud cutting into your bottom line? Are you losing revenue to declines on recurring credit card payments?

We have innovative tools to solve these issues.

Commission Payments

With ProPay Commission Payments, pay earned commissions in many countries and currencies to your distributors’ ProPay accounts. As a global company, you’ll recognize significant savings over traditional, direct deposit or check-based commission payment systems. The funds can be accessed by consultants or sales agents through a company-branded Prepaid Mastercard®* card.

This convenient, cost-effective approach allows companies to quickly pay independent contractors or distributors, internationally.

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ProtectPay, ProPay’s end-to-end encryption and tokenization service, replaces existing payment card, ACH and other sensitive payment data with tokens so you can reduce your PCI DSS obligations.
ProtectPay offers you the ability to process payments with less risk than is often associated with the transmission and storage of sensitive cardholder data. Each year, new regulations roll out requiring companies to assume greater responsibilities for protecting consumer payment data (credit card, debit card, ACH/e-check). While PCI DSS regulations help to protect the customer, they often represent a significant resource drain on businesses.

ProtectPay can give you peace of mind knowing your customers' sensitive payment data is protect and allow you to focus on your business.


Storage of Customer Data

ProPay has been certified as PCI DSS compliant since 2004. As an early adopter of the industry’s data security standards (beginning with the Cardholder Information Security Program), we’ve developed a core competency in the protection of payment card data.

Alternative Payment Information

ProtectPay provides the ability to store multiple payment methods (payment card or ACH) per customer.

Encrypted Data Collection Method

ProtectPay encrypts sensitive data from the point of entry, whether online or in person, so that the merchant organization never has to store, process, or transmit cardholder data.

Flexible, Scalable Platform

While it’s ideal to use ProPay for both processing and tokenization encryption, ProtectPay can act as a processor-agnostic secure payment platform. 

ProPay also supports eCommerce merchants through its proprietary Secure Payment Integration (SPI) and Payment Management Interface (PMI) solutions

Guardian CyberShield®

According to the The Global Fraud Attack Index, fraud attacks are up an incredible 163%.  In Q2 2016, there were over 450 million bot attacks—a 50% increase over Q1 2016. The velocity and intensity of fraud attacks on businesses of all sizes are increasing at an alarming rate.
Businesses large and small must be prepared for this continuous, and very real threat. Reliable, confident security is critical. ProPay delivers.

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For businesses that rely on stored customer payment card information for recurring payments, auto shipments, return shopping and the like, we offer an automatic credit card updating service. Increase your revenues and decrease your customer service costs by authorizing more transactions.

Maintaining accurate customer payment card data is one of the biggest and most costly concerns merchants who accept recurring payments face today. Typically, 30% of accounts have account number or expiration date changes, or the account is closed. And if cardholders are contacted to update their information, you run the risk of payment switching or cancellation. ProPay EnsureBill helps you avoid these problems.

We can help with that. EnsureBill reduces declines and authorization fees. It  automatically updates account numbers, expiration dates and account statuses on your customers' Visa®, Mastercard®, and Discover® cards.
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*ProPay Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Pathward®, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.