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Your business is unique. Your payment needs are too. That's why we developed the Payment Network. The Payment Network is a robust suite of services that enables Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, Marketplaces, Direct Selling Companies, Software Providers and more to facilitate the movement of money globally between merchants, affiliates, consultants and partners with a single point of integration. The ProPay Payment Network allows platforms complete flexibility in how they fund their sub merchants. ProPay customers who use our network enjoy added flexibility, speed and savings — all through a single point of integration.

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Solution for Direct Selling Companies

Creating loyal distributors is a key to growth for any direct selling company and the faster you pay them, in the ways they would like to be paid, creates greater loyalty.

For direct selling companies, funds can move from a corporate account to distributor accounts for commissions and bonuses, and from distributor accounts for purchase of product (ProPay SpendBack®). Payments can be split within the network (ProPay SplitPay®).

For example, when a purchase is made by a consumer through a distributor, the distributor can be paid their portion of a transaction (retail differential) and corporate can receive the wholesale portion of the sale and ship direct to the consumer.

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Solutions for SaaS Platforms, Marketplaces, Software Providers, Other

Monetizing the collection and disbursements of payments gives SaaS platforms, Marketplaces, and Software Providers a comprehensive, customizable suite of services that enables the distribution of funds globally between their merchants, affiliates, consultants and partners.

For example, take an online ticketing service. Through the Payment Network's payment splitting functionality (ProPay SplitPay®), the card payment is immediately divided so that the SaaS provider receives a revenue share percentage; the ticketing company - the SaaS provider's merchant - receives a convenience fee; and the entertainment venue receives the remaining portion of the payment. The ticketing company can then disburse to its sales agents via prepaid card, bank account or electronic funds transfer (EFT). The ticketing company can also purchase items from its suppliers (ProPay SpendBack®) and pay less for payment acceptance than typical card processing discount fees.

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The ProPay Payment Network provides many benefits, including:

  • PCI compliant payment processing designed for SaaS platforms and payment facilitators
  • Affiliates get paid how they prefer—global EFT, wire or debit or prepaid card
  • Handles corporate commissions funding and real-time or expedited transfers
  • Customized branding and web portal with white label option (multiple languages)
  • Improves shopping experience, giving customers the ability to pay for goods in their preferred currency
  • Transfer money to vendors or suppliers in real time, as soon as a transaction is made
  • Available in 130 currencies across 180 countries
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SPLITPAY® - Splitting transactions is easy

SplitPay integrates into your SaaS platform, e-commerce website or back office software enabling you to instantly recognize payments for internet sales and other transactions. SplitPay facilitates split transaction proceeds between merchants, affiliates, consultants, partners, distributors and your entity, depositing transactions directly to the appropriate ProPay accounts.

Distributor Websites

Rather than waiting weeks to receive the proceeds for internet orders, integrating SplitPay into distributor's websites enables commission payments in real-time. Because there is no time delay between the transaction and the reward for that transaction, distributors are more likely to sign up for a distributor website and promote it to customers. They're open for business 24/7 which means you are too.

Paid in Real Time

By integrating SplitPay, Direct Selling Companies, SaaS Platform, Software Provider and merchants, affiliates, consultants, partners and distributors benefit because you're both paid in quickly at the time of the transaction. No need to cut expensive checks, wait for commission runs or direct deposits. We all want to get paid faster and SplitPay can help.

Customize SplitPay

Because SplitPay is integrated into the existing payment system, a business owner can customize exactly how SplitPay works in order to meet the organization's specific needs. You'll also enjoy the flexibility that SplitPay offers to disburse funds to multiple parties or accounts.


SPENDBACK® - Save Money and Time with SpendBack on Wholesale Orders

SpendBack is essentially a "Payment Intranet" that lets distributors, merchants or affiliates pay for wholesale orders directly from their ProPay account at significant savings to them. SpendBack can significantly decrease the cost that companies pay on wholesale orders. Items can be purchased from suppliers and they can pay less for payment acceptance than typical card processing discount fees. For Direct Selling Companies, SpendBack promotes distributor activity by simplifying the wholesale purchase process.


Industry-Specific Solutions

ProPay recognizes that one payment solution does not fit all industries. Experience working with companies in a variety of industries has allowed ProPay to develop specific solutions to meet the unique needs of these businesses.


For more information about credit card processing through our Payment Network, call 888.227.9856, email, or fill out our online form here.