Credit Cards
ProPay's standard offering gives your the ability to process cards in several ways, and with some unexpected features:
  • Of course, we have our own virtual terminal, complete with a great reporting solution on an easy to use website. (Our website can even be white-labeled.)
  • We have a traditional HTTP web service API
  • How about a tokenization solution? Ours is particularly nice because it's "Processor Agnostic". (Don't worry, we'll explain that later.)
  • Mobile SDKs? Yep we got em. Plus a few wrinkles that help make mobile development easier.
  • We operate in several markets, and can help your merchants process in multipler currencies.
  • Unlike some of our competitors, your merchants have access to live customer service. Of course, if you'd rather manage your own merchants, that works too. You work directly with a relationship management team.
Click  here  to get started with ProPay's credit card processing APIs.
ACH eCheck
Integrating with ProPay's ACH processing solution is easier than what it takes to set up ACH through your bank. It's also much much safer.

Typical ACH integrations require you to hold onto sensitive account numbers and send your bank what's known as a NACHA file once per day. (If you want a good "put me to sleep" read, go ahead and download the federal government's NACHA file spec. It's a few hundred pages long and filled with some pretty exciting stuff!)

ProPay, by contrast, let's you process ACH transactions with a simple API call that sends money into the same account that you use for processing credit cards. ACH processing is also supported by our tokenization solution, so you can take advantage of saved payment methods. Click  here  to learn more
Fraud Prevention and Automatic Card Updates
EnsureBill is an add-on product that works with ProPay's  ProtectPay  tokenization solution. When saving a card in ProtectPay's secure vault, you may indicate that you want it 'Protected'. A protected card is automatically updated when it expires, or when a new card is issued after having been lost or stolen. (This feature works because major credit card brands receive updates from card-issuing banks when new cards are issued. Not all banks participate.)

 Guardian Cyber Shield  helps merchants to stop fraud on their website. Click here to learn how it works!