Spendback: When merchants need to buy from you.
ProPay's Spendback solution offers a way for partners to pull money from one ProPay account, and into another. (How can I pull money from one of my merchants when they need to buy something from me?) You can do this while saving money that would normally be paid out as fees when processing typical payment card transactions.

In order to create a nice Spendback 'Buying experience' for your merchants, you should probably also provide a way for them to see their current ProPay balance on your checkout page. That is why both  Get Account Balance  and  Spendback Transfer  API methods are used.
Pay merchants what you owe them via Disbursements
Partners can also push money from their own ProPay account, and into one that belongs to one of their sales reps or distributors. This feature is frequently used to pay out commissions, and works really well with our branded MasterCard debit cards, or with our Flash Funds feature. Click  here  to learn more about disbursements.
SplitPay: Collecting a convenience fee from your merchants
You can split the proceeds of a single credit card, or eCheck transaction between two ProPay accounts. This feature is often used by a ProFac Payment Facilitator to collect its fees immediately as transactions are processed. (Without the need to bill merchants monthly for the services that the partner provides). Using SplitPay helps to provide a solution for merchants who have gotten into trouble with one of the major credit card brands, for trying to aggregate transactions under their own merchant account. Click  here  to perform SplitPay transactions, and  here  for SplitPay refunds.