Providing access to Merchants’ Funds

Once money has settled into the ProPay accounts belonging to your merchants, you need to provide them with a means to access it.  ProPay works a little bit differently than a “traditional” merchant account where all money is automatically sent to a bank account.  Instead, money settles into the ProPay account (Often more quickly than money would normally land into a merchant’s bank.)  Once money exists within a merchant’s ProPay account, you will want to provide them access to it.  You have several options.

Just Leave the Money in the ProPay Account
Don’t laugh-  this can be an attractive option for partners who want to provide their merchants with an opportunity to manage funds in multiple ways.  Pretty much every option (with the exception of sweeps) can be managed on the ProPay website.  That site’s various components can also be white-labeled, and used with Single-Sign-On.  You can embed a ProPay root page into your site.  From there, the user can choose one of the options described on this page.  ProPay recommends letting merchants manage their own funds when a partner wants to allow purchases by those merchants using Spendback.
Funds Management via Single-Sign-On

ACH Options
Traditional Settlement via a Sweep to the Bank
Managing your own ACH Pushes
Update on-file Bank Accounts

The ProPay MasterCard Debit Card
ProPay can provide each of your merchants with a branded debit card tied directly to the balance in their accounts.  ProPay ships cards all over the world as part of our Global Disbursements product, and they work great.  Certain additional revenue opportunities may even be in play when a partner provides money to his or her merchants using the ProPay card.  While the card is almost always managed from the ProPay website, there are some API methods that come in useful if you don’t want your merchants visiting our website.
Flag Account to Include a PIN Mailer
Mark a Card Lost or Stolen

Flash Funds
ProPay can allow your merchants to transfer money directly to debit cards tied to their bank accounts.  This option costs a bit of money to merchants because these transactions traverse a credit card brand’s processing “rails”.  There is also a ProPay markup for Flash Funds, from which partners can benefit.  Integrating Flash Funds into your user experience can either use Single-Sign-On (described above) or you can integrate via the API.
Move the Money via Flash Funds
Add a Card for Flash Funds