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View Reports

Step 1

Log into your ProPay account by going to Enter your e-mail address and password. Use the e-mail address you used to sign up for your ProPay account.


Step 2

Click on the "View Reports" tab.


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Step 3

The default report page allows you to select which report and month you would like to see.


Step 4

You can view several types of reports. An explanation of each type is shown below:

  • Pending Transactions - Funds that are coming into your account.
  • Completed Transactions - Transactions that have been completed.
  • Reconciliation - The same transactions as in the "Completed Transactions" report, but listed with beginning and ending monthly balances.
  • Pending E-mail Invoices - Payment requests sent out that have not yet been paid.
  • Advanced Transaction Search: Customizable report that allows you to see all transactions in a 31-day period. The entire account history may be searched. Can export to Excel.
  • Search by Transaction Number: Search for transaction details on a specific transaction.

Step 5

When viewing reports, you can change the report type or the month using the drop-down menus. ProPay stores transactions for the current month and the six previous months. ProPay advises you to print out the reports for your records at least once every three months.

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