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1.    What are all the fees ProPay charges?
2.    How are ProPay’s fees deducted?
3.    Why does ProPay charge transaction fees?
4.    Can I charge the transaction fees to my customer?

1. Where can I find a list of ProPay’s fees?

Processing Fees are dependent on which type of account you select. To view account fees, click on the "Sign Up" button (top right of this page) and click on the "Learn More" link.

To view a list of ProPay’s account related fees click here.

To view a list of ProPay’s linked Prepaid MasterCard® Card fees click here.

2. How are ProPay’s fees deducted?

Fees are automatically deducted from the amounts processed. For example, let’s say you need to process a MasterCard card for $10.00 using your ProPay Premium Account. This transaction would cost 3.25% plus a $0.35 per transaction fee. The total amount deposited into your ProPay Account would be $9.32.

Fees for outgoing transactions are deducted directly from your ProPay Account balance, or the balance that you're transferring. Other incidental fees are deducted from the available balance in your ProPay Account.

The first year's annual fee is to be paid by debit or credit card or a personal check. Subsequent annual fees can be deducted from your ProPay Account balance or your credit or debit card.

3. Why does ProPay charge transaction fees?

ProPay incurs costs when we process transactions, maintain accounts, and keep information secure. ProPay has led the way in offering low cost merchant accounts and offering credit card processing to small businesses and individuals.

Remember that ProPay also offers services to our account holders that are completely free of charge, such as adding funds from a bank account and transferring funds to other ProPay Accounts.

4. Can I charge the transaction fees to my customer?

No, it is against Card Association regulations to charge your customers the fees you pay to accept their brands. They do not want merchants passing on these fees because it can discourage and punish cardholders for using their cards. Merchants typically accept this regulation because people paying with credit cards generally spend more than they would otherwise.

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