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eAuction & eBay Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I sell on eBay anymore?

eBay recently made a decision to discontinue ProPay as a payment option on eBay checkout. The amount of eBay volume ProPay processes has always been modest, due to the limited integration and marketing permitted by eBay.

Can I still use ProPay as a payment option for eBay?

No.  Sellers can no longer use ProPay as a payment option on eBay’s checkout.

What will happen to my existing account?

  1. In lieu of eBay’s decision, ProPay is automatically upgrading existing eAuction accounts to a full-featured ProPay Merchant Account. The upgrade will automatically include:

  • Multiple credit card processing options: in-person, online, offline, over the phone

  • Virtual Terminal – FREE ($30.00/month with PayPal)

  • Email Invoicing – FREE

  • ProtectPay – Free (Store cards on file for repeat purchases)

  • Mobile Processing – ProPay JAK ($14.95) or purchase with an Account Bundle

  • Mobile App/Mobile Virtual Terminal – FREE

  • Swipe Rates – As low as 2.60%

  • Prepaid MasterCard – FREE

  • Customer Service – Toll Free Phone, Chat, Email

Is any action on my part required to take advantage of the new functionality?


Can I get a refund for my existing account since I can no longer sell on eBay?

ProPay has a 30 day refund policy. If you signed up for your eAuction account within the last 30 days you can contact customer service for a refund (866.573.0951)

Can I send email invoices to existing eBay customers?

Yes. You always have the ability to send email invoices to customers.  If a buyer on eBay prefers to use ProPay, you can always send them an invoice to pay for an item.

What happens to my account when it expires?

Upon expiration and renewal, normal monthly or annual account renewal fees will apply. See rates & fees here:

Do I need to accept a new service agreement with ProPay?

You will now be operating under the Standard PSA. You can find that here:


For general questions about ProPay's eAuction Account for eBay, call 877.776.7290 between the hours of 6:30 AM and 7:00 PM (Mountain Time) Monday through Friday.