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Delivered by USPSEasy, Discounted Shipping with ProPay and Express 1

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ProPay has partnered with Express 1 to offer USPS Domestic and International Express and Priority Mail shipments directly through your ProPay Merchant Account. Now you can get discounted shipping, FREE supplies, FREE pick up from your home, a built in Address book and pay directly with ProPay funds or via your postage account securely. This is just another way ProPay adds convenience and value to your ProPay Account, saving you time and money!

Simplify Shipping
FREE Supplies & Pickup
USPS Products and Services
Within your Express 1 shipping account you can:

  • Get discounted shipping via USPS
  • Prepare shipments
  • Print USPS-compliant shipping labels using either a LaserJet or Thermal printer
  • Track shipments
  • Review shipping history
  • Process shipments in batch
  • View postage purchase and balance information
  • Pay for your shipments via the funds from your existing ProPay account balance or stock your postage account using your personal credit card via Express 1—secured through ProtectPay®.
Other features:
  • Built in address book: This keeps you from having to re-enter address information each time you ship something to a repeat customer.
  • Shipment confirmation: This allows you to send an automatic email to your customer that lets them know that the shipment has been sent and provides them with the shipment tracking number.  
Use Your Own Packaging OR…

To order FREE USPS supplies from the convenience of your own home or place of business simply:
  • Go to
  • Click on “Order Supplies”, or call the USPS Expedited Package Supply Center at 800-610-8734
Free Pickup Right from Your Own Home

Your neighborhood postal carrier will pick-up your packages right from your home or place of business. No more trips to your local post office.
Through your Express 1 shipping account you have access to the following USPS products and services:

  • Priority Mail flat rate products (Small Flat Rate Box, Medium Flat Rate Box, Large Flat Rate Box, Flat Rate Envelope).
  • Priority Mail packages 1-70 pounds
  • Express Mail packages 1-70 pounds

  • Priority Mail International packages – all countries 1-70 pounds
  • Express Mail International packages – all countries 1-70 pounds

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