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Alternate Payment Methods

ProPay recognizes that the payment needs of companies are widely varied. Direct selling companies may emphasize the need for a cost-effective means to pay commissions, while wholesale companies may need a more efficient way to collect payments from their distributors and resellers. To meet the wide variety of payment needs, ProPay developed the ProPay Payment Network (PPN).

The ProPay Payment Network enables companies to:

  • Increase the speed and frequency of commission payments
  • Facilitate credit card transactions and wholesale orders
  • Eliminate the gap between recruiting and sales activities and sales force compensation.

The ProPay Payment Network is composed of a suite of flexible services that can be tailored to support the recruiting, recognition, retention and cost-reduction objectives of a wide variety of companies.


Getting money to the right places quickly is crucial to running a successful business. ProPay’s SplitPay feature allows revenues from website transactions to be sent quickly to the distributor and wholesaler in one transaction.


When individuals in an organization are using ProPay Merchant Accounts or Commission Payment Accounts, money in those accounts can be “spent back” with corporate for wholesale orders, supplies, or other purchases.