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Shop In Your Currency

Sell in your customers' currencies...get paid in your own

Multi-Currency Processing

ProPay's multi-currency payment solution lets merchants offer their international customers the ability to pay in the currency they know best - their own.

Single Source Solution

ProPay does all the heavy lifting with a simple, single-source solution for your gateway and your processing. We'll accelerate your timeline to international markets allowing you to maximize growth potential.

Maximize Global Reach

Available in over 35 cardholder currencies, only one merchant account is required. Requires no setup of overseas bank accounts or business incorporation. You won't have to worry about delays in funding or foreign account/wire-transfer fees.

Improve the Shopping Experience

Improve you customer's shopping experience by allowing them to shop in their currency and make better, more informed buying decisions. The purchase price will match the amount on their statement.

You'll Benefit Because

You'll eliminate multi-currency hassles with one settlement account. Funding and reporting are in your local currency and you'll minimize disputes and chargebacks resulting from price.

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