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ProPay® MasterMobile 

Make it Easy for Your Independent Sales Representatives to Securely Accept Credit Cards and Save Yourself Plenty in Processing Fees with ProPay® Secure, Payment Processing.

If your company sells its products and services through a mobile Independent Sales Representative, why not turn their processing from high-cost keyed transactions to low-cost swiped transactions?

Your Sales Representatives can now securely upload credit card transactions to your corporate merchant account. The benefit—you’ll save money and they will save time. With ProPay JAK™ there’s no writing card numbers down (and no calling customers back on unreadable or incorrect information).

The ProPay JAK fits into the audio jack of any iPhone and many Android™ devices. Of course, data is encrypted at swipe so that sensitive information never passes through your systems or the Sales Representative’s device; keeping you safe from data theft and compromise. Swiping the card also qualifies the transaction for Card Present Rates, which can be significantly lower than Card Not Present Rates.

When your sale representatives are ready to place their orders on your company’s website, they can upload their customer payment information and match the orders with the payments. ProPay encrypts and stores the credit card information so only tokens are passed to your system using ProtectPay , ProPay’s secure end-to-end encryption and tokenization service.

With ProPay Commission Payments, companies can pay earned commissions to a ProPay Payments Account. This method allows companies to recognize a significant savings over traditional, direct deposit or check-based commission payment systems. The funds can be accessed by consultants or sales agents through a company-branded Linked Prepaid MasterCard® card. This convenient, cost-effective approach allows companies to quickly pay Sales Representatives and allows them quick access to their funds.

When customers purchase online at a Sales Representative’s website, ProPay can split the transaction proceeds between the Sales Representative and your organization. You receive the wholesale amount so you can fulfill the order and Distributors receive the retail differential into their ProPay account.

ProPay SpendBack lets Sales Representatives pay for wholesale orders directly from their ProPay account at significant savings to you.

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