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"I was using my lap top with the card scanner to process sales until I saw the one for my iPhone.The new iPhone JAK makes life SOOO easy and FAST! Customers love it and they are fascinated when they have to sign right on the phone."
Gloria P.
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ProPay JAK™ Mobile Card Reader 

ProPay JAK is a mobile phone credit card reader that lets you securely process credit and debit cards in real-time on your iOS or Android phones and devices. If you have a ProPay Account, all you have to do is download the ProPay Application, attach the card reader, and go! Process credit and debit cards anytime, anywhere you have data coverage. And the ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader is secure. Your customers’ payment card data is encrypted on its reader head (at swipe) ensuring your customers’ data is protected. Best of all, you'll enjoy lower competitive swipe rates (To view rates click the sign up button, then 'learn more').

Using ProPay JAK is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Download the ProPay App
             ProPay App
2. Plug into your Smartphone Audio Jack
                Put On JAK Device
3. Process Credit Cards
        Swipe Credit Cards

ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader—Enjoy lower rates with a mobile card reader that encrypts at swipe!




  • Download the ProPay Application.       
  • Plug the ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader into the audio jack of your Smartphone or device.
  • Swipe your customer’s card.
  • Enter the purchase total.
  • Have the customer sign and enter his or her e-mail address.
  • Process the transaction and send the customer an e-mail receipt.
  • Broader Phone support - New!
  • Tips can now be calculated at the time of payment - New!
  • New Tax Calculator - New!
  • Process with peace of mind, knowing the JAK encrypts cardholder data at swipe, ensuring the data is protected.
  • Store encrypted transactions safely on the phone for later processing if coverage is not available.
  • Put cardholder data “on file” with ProPay’s ProtectPay® for future billing.
  • Safely access and bill customers’ cards stored with ProPay.
  • Use the provided connectors to secure the reader tightly to your Smartphone so it doesn’t spin, wiggle, or damage your audio jack.
  • The ProPay Application is FREE.
  • Enjoy lower transaction swipe rates on real-time card present transactions (where qualified).
  • No fees to integrate ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader with your existing ProPay Account.
  • No fee to access your online reports.
  • No PCI-DSS Fee.
  • No monthly account fees or monthly minimums.
  • One time price for the ProPay JAK device.

Click Here to view additional information about ProPay’s supported devices.

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