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ProPay® FLASH Card Reader

The MicroSecure™ Card Reader gets a new name and facelift--same great functionality and best of all, you'll enjoy lower competitive swipe rates!   (To view rates click the sign up button, then 'learn more')

ProPay FLASH (formerly named The MicroSecure Card Reader) is a simple, secure and affordable way for you to accept credit and debit cards anywhere, anytime. And, you get lower swipe rates! The ProPay FLASH has a new ergonomic design that simplifies card swiping. ProPay FLASH allows mobile professionals to collect card payment information while away from the computer or to process payments in real-time if connected to an Internet-enabled computer and get instant authorization. ProPay FLASH encrypts the sensitive payment data from the moment of swipe. That means that card data is never stored in clear text, protecting both you and your customers from data theft. If you are away from your computer, you can still swipe cards and capture payment data securely. ProPay FLASH will store the payment information (up to 71 transactions) so that you can process payments when you get back to your computer. Once processed, the transactions are deleted from the device, but you can store the customer's card data in our secure database for future billing, if desired.

 ProPay FLASH Card Reader Device: $99.95

The ProPay FLASH Card Reader is:

Fast and Easy to Use

  • New ergonomic design simplifies card swiping.
  • Collect all credit card data in one simple swipe.
  • No need to write down sensitive credit card information and expiration dates.
  • Quickly service customer.
  • Bi-directional read
  • USB Powered
  • Provides Red/Green/Amber LED for status

Safe and Secure

  • The Merchant never sees or stores the customer's credit card information.
  • Customers will have no concerns about the security of their payment data.
  • Meets PCI-DSS security requirements.
  • Triple DES encryption
  • DUKPT key management


  • Since ProPay FLASH captures the payment data, merchants can eliminate costly errors.
  • Reads up to 3 tracks.


  • Take the ProPay FLASH Card Reader anywhere
  • Store up to 71 transactions.
  • Swipe, store and process later.
  • Saves battery power through push button transaction activation.
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To view ProPay FLASH Card Reader Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) click here
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ProPay FLASH Card Reader
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What customers are saying:

“Customers like the security and the speed. I estimate I save at least 10 minutes per sale by not having to fill out and record transactions on manual forms.”  -Erica Fetteroff

“Fast, accurate and easy to post transactions at the end of the day.”  -Ann Ruggiero

“I love this reader! It’s so professional and easy to use and my customers love the ability to use their charge cards.”  -Jennifer Szalkowski