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ProPay EnsureBillSM

Problems With Declines On Auto-Shipments?

Account Updater Service Increase Your Revenue by Reducing Card Declines on Your Monthly Billings with ProPay’s Account Updater

If your business relies upon stored customer payment card information for recurring billing, auto-shipment, etc., ProPay offers ProPay EnsureBill to streamline the process of maintaining and updating stored customer payment card information. Maintaining accurate customer payment card data is one of the biggest and most costly concerns merchants accepting recurring payments face today. With ProPay EnsureBill you can reduce declined transactions and authorization fees by getting updated account numbers, expiration dates, and account status’ on your Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® cardholders.

Typically, 30% of accounts annually incur changes in account number or expiration date, or the account is closed*. When transactions on these accounts fail, cardholders are inconvenienced and may terminate their relationship resulting in lost sales. Merchants who continue to bill using out-of-date information bear higher rates of declined transactions and extra costs. If cardholders are contacted to update their information, merchants run the risk of payment switching or service cancellation. ProPay EnsureBill helps you avoid these problems. 

Benefits of ProPay EnsureBill

Benefits for Merchants Benefits for Customers
  • Increase revenue due to  fewer declines
  • Fewer authorization fees
  • Reduce customer service costs associated with manual updates
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty through uninterrupted service and risk of cancellation
  • Improve efficiency
  • Provides uninterrupted service
  • Improves customer satisfaction by minimizing negative experiences resulting from declined transactions
  • Account update process is transparent to customers
Simple account updates through seamless integration with ProPay’s payment processing platform

Billing with accurate payment card information can lead to improved approval rates while reducing the time and cost associated with manually contacting customers to get updated payment card information. By delivering uninterrupted service, you’re likely to increase revenues and improve customer retention.

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