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ACH Processing Services

ProPay's ACH Payment Solution provides a simple, secure and affordable way for clients to process ACH payment data. Additionally, through its ProtectPay suite of services, ACH payment data can also be encrypted and tokenized so that it can be securely stored. This allows businesses to process repeat transactions against the data, without having to store it.

How It Works

ProPay’s ACH services can be used to collect payments and disburse funds via the ACH network. ProPay offers its customers flexible options for managing those funds through an online interface, batch file processing, or Application Programming Interface (API). The ProPay API enables merchants to easily integrate the service into an existing platform or website.

By combining ProPay's ACH services with ProtectPay, merchants can remove the need for businesses to store, transmit, or process sensitive ACH payment data (bank routing and account numbers) on initial and subsequent transactions. ProPay captures and processes the ACH data, which is immediately encrypted to protect the data during the initial transmission. The data is then replaced with a Unique Identifier (UID), also referred to as a token. Businesses then use the UID/token for future transactions against the data.

The loss of customers’ ACH data can create a myriad of problems for customers and result in significant breach notification costs and reputational damage for businesses. ProPay’s ACH solution directly addresses the growing costs and risks associated with the processing, storage and transmission of ACH data. By encrypting and tokenizing ACH data, ProPay allows its customers to proactively address the protection of the data. End users can take advantage of flexible payment options, while businesses receive comparatively lower transaction fees on ACH transactions, than on payment card transactions.