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Internet Service Provider Solutions

ProPay has become one of the leading providers for credit card processing in the ISP industry. As a member of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), ProPay understands the need for ISPs to be able to accept credit cards in the simplest, most affordable way. With a low annual fee, no monthly fees or minimums, and the ability to do monthly billing for Internet service, providers can reduce costs and eliminate the hassle of accepting credit card payments. And with ProPay’s unique ProtectPay service, achieving PCI compliance can be simplified. Many companies are able to realize significant savings over traditional compliance strategies by fully implementing ProtectPay and removing cardholder data from their environment.

Key Features included with ProPay:

  • Integration with several back offices specific to the ISP industry
  • Low annual fee/no monthly fees
  • Repeat billing
  • ProtectPay service for all credit card data storage
  • Swipe device to use for accepting payments at installation

Because ProPay acts as the gateway, merchant provider, and processor, we are able to offer very competitive rates and save ISPs money compared to other merchant service providers. For more information or to receive a quote, call 888.227.9856 or email