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eCommerceSecurely accept payments online.

Selling goods and services online is easier than ever. Increased access means greater reach and greater market penetration for retailers. The balance that eCommerce merchants must now weigh is providing their customers with a website that is easy to use and protects the sensitive data that customers are entrusting to them. ProPay’s secure payment platform, ProtectPay®, can help online merchants achieve that balance. 


Payment Management Interface (PMI) – allows customers to edit, delete and prioritize the payment methods they store on the eCommerce site. The PMI can be configured to transparently integrate into any website. The data is securely stored by ProPay, so that it can be used in future transactions.

Secure Payment Integration (SPI) – allows eCommerce merchants to maintain a payment page that mirrors the look and feel of their website. The pages remain hosted at the eCommerce company’s servers, but the sensitive payment information entered by customers is securely transmitted directly to ProPay. No payment data is stored, processed or transmitted by the eCommerce site.


Transparent to the End User – Integration to the ProtectPay secure eCommerce platform is completely transparent to the eCommerce customer. The look and feel of the payment page, and the process flow for customer payment, remain unchanged. The customer experience, which is of paramount importance, is not impacted at all by the integration of ProtectPay to an eCommerce site.

Reduced Compliance Costs and LiabilityProtectPay allows eCommerce merchants to eliminate their cardholder data environment, thereby reducing their PCI DSS compliance efforts by as much as 90%. Since ProPay is a registered Service Provider that has been validated as PCI DSS compliant, the eCommerce merchant is insulated from the fines, fees and penalties that result from data compromises.